Quality is an objective of our company, updated and developed in line with changing conditions. Providing the high quality meeting the expectations of our customers is our assurance. Our primary policy is becoming the leader in quality in our product range and providing services without harming the nature with the active participation of our employees endowed with sustainable and informed training.

OIL Transformers;

The oil helps cool the transformer. Because it also provides part of the electrical insulation between internal live parts, transformer oil must remain stable at high temperatures for an extended period. To improve cooling of large power transformers, the oil-filled tank may have external radiators through which the oil circulates by natural convection. Very large or high-power transformers (with capacities of thousands of kVA) may also have cooling fans, oil pumps, and even oil-to-water heat exchangers.

RESIN Transformers;

Cast-resin power transformers encase the windings in epoxy resin. These transformers simplify installation since they are dry, without cooling oil, and so require no fire-proof vault for indoor installations. The epoxy protects the windings from dust and corrosive atmospheres. These transformers can work without disruption of service at 100% humidity.

HIGH CAPACITY Transformers;

We offers wide range of low power oil immersed transformers such as generator duty, unit auxiliary transformers and multi winding transformers. All these transformers are customized for industrial plants and distribution substations. Our transformers are extremely versatile with robust construction and highest quality standards.

All transformers available with off-load tap changer or on-load tap changer.