General Supplies

Air Conditioners(Inverter)

Experience year-round comfort with our selection of Haier inverter air conditioners. Discover efficiency and reliability for your home cooling/heating needs.

Security & Scanning Cameras

Protect your assets with cutting-edge HIKVision security solutions and top-of-the-line USA scanning cameras. Safeguard what matters most with our trusted expertise.

Photocopier & Printers

Unlock peak productivity with our premier selection of photocopiers and printers, tailored for your office needs. Elevate your workspace with top-notch printing solutions today.


Discover efficient cooling solutions with our premium refrigerant gases. Keep your systems running smoothly and environmentally friendly.


Explore a comprehensive range of European testing chemicals meticulously sourced from industry leaders Merch and Sigma. Elevate your laboratory experiments with top-quality solutions backed by trusted expertise.

Lab Equipment

Discover precision and reliability with our range of Japanese, UK, and European lab equipment. Elevate your research standards effortlessly.