As we are aware construction is one of the growing sector in Pakistan as well as all over the world so we have specialize in supplying Magnum leads the industry in innovative light tower solutions. Our vertical mast and compact light towers have revolutionized industrial mobile lighting. Easy to setup, operate and maintain, our light towers provide maximum power in a minimal footprint. With extended run times and service intervals, LED safety features, innovative engine technologies and programmable controls, our products can be trusted to maximize up time and return on your investment. Durability, reliability and ease of use – put your trust in the largest light tower manufacturer in the world.
With zero localized emissions and linking capability, provides ultimate versatility in lighting events and job sites – indoors and out.
Compact, cost-effective LED light tower with an extended run time for a wide variety of events and job sites.
Extended run time LED light tower designed for remote locations and extreme temperatures.
The 4 model lines offers heavy-duty light towers to fit virtually any lighting need — from construction sites and sporting events to mining and oil field applications.  The 30 ft (9.14 m) extended-height floodlight tower of 4,000 Watts of light and is designed to maximize up time with quick disconnect lights and ballasts, 359º non-continuous tower rotation, heavy duty axles and chassis, and galvanized masts and outriggers.